BALAMAN - Balancer


In order to meet the diverse requirements of various worksites, from production to shipping and distribution, we provide a wide range of models and attachments, such as our Intelligent Balaman i2 series.

If you are having difficulty in moving heavy objects, a Balaman would be perfect for you.

Supporting operation staffs with superior balance functions This pneumatic balancer uses compressed-air to drive. Its superior balance functions make women and elderly staffs to be able to handle heavy and hard objects easily. It can be used easily by just connecting with a compressed air source. Due to pneumatic type, there are no concerns about troubles that are caused by effect of operation environment. Various arms are available in Toyo Koken's Pneumatic Balaman and can be optimized with customer’s needs.
Versatile arm types fit the workspace and operations. BMF type: 1-axis rotation type which is the standard and easy to use. BMS type: 2-axis rotation type which is compatible with various installation spaces. BMG type: Suitable for low ceiling site. BMH type: Cover the wide operation area in combination with the ceiling-rail system.