This is the site-type roundness measuring machine CM-Module that is optimal for manufacturing sites. 

Main feature

■ Available in A3 size space-saving small space. 
■ Easy to handle, short measurement time It is possible to measure quickly and easily by selecting the optimum module for the measured object. 
■ Low cost and oriented for the field

  • Applicable industries: automobile parts makers, information appliances · office equipment makers
In-situ roundness measuring machine developed

CM-Modulo on-site type roundness measuring machine was developed at Heisei 20th "Small and medium enterprises / small business operators manufacturing business, commercial and service innovation start business subsidy project" 

■ Suitable for manufacturing site side, features of CM-Module 
· A3 size Space saving installation 
· Easy operation 
· Measurement time shortened 

■ Each unit 
can be measured quickly and easily by selecting the optimum module for the modularized measurement object. 
The measurement is started by the start switch next to the table, and the operator can repeatedly perform the measurement without operating the personal computer.

◇ All-in-one inspection compatible type CM-Module



◇ CM-Module with tilt table